Jumaat, 21 November 2008

Mazen Kerbaj - blog drawing from Beirut<-- edited

I inspired by his work..
have opportunity to see his work at galery Petronas with Zack
we are very fortunate, because it is the last day of the exhibition
as we came back the next day to continue our adventure on Soraya's work, the Mazen Kerbaj works is already been put off

this is actually Soraya's work on self potrait. this potrait looks scarry to me
this one also soraya's work with zack in the pic.
to simplified things, see this website:
thisis mazen kerbaj work. i only take one pic as the guard over there had warn me for not taking any pic
since i cant upload pic yet

but ya, orang yang jaga kat situ sangat garang

2 ulasan:

  1. ni kt galeri petronas tu kan....upload laa gamba cepat2...nk pegi tp x bkesempatan...

  2. oitt....kite tag awak...buat laa bile ade mase terluang ok...


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