Khamis, 11 Disember 2008

Are you emotional?

Am I emotional?
I tend to post my entry in poetry form when I am emotional.
Because I don’t want to break people’s heart
Sometimes when I’ve wrote something, I’ll will think twice whether to publish it or not. Usually I’ll not publish the entry.
Maybe when I am brave enough to show my emotion, I’ll publish it.
That’s why sometimes people say that I’m mysterious and ‘takde perasaan’.
Yes I’m afraid to show my emotion and I’m afraid to get response due to my emotion.
But I’m healing.
Healed to show my ‘emo’.

Which one my honest self?
In the blog, or in the real life?
it goes the same to all my friend who love blogging.
which one is your true self?

yes i've created another labels called 'emo'
and i will post all my 'emo' xxxxx under this label

2 ulasan:

  1. haha aku pn gtu
    nak emo tp tkt patahkan hati org

    pastu aku post entri emo
    org x suke

    kesian kan aku?
    last2 aku emo sorg2

    tah. aku da penat emo. emo pn xde sape kesah. sekian pemberitahuan yg confusing :P


  2. haha
    biasala tu
    ingat org ade perasaan happy je ke
    perasaan emo pun ade gak


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