Ahad, 14 Mac 2010

Resepi Jus Detoks

I want to detox my body. I ask nutritionist and she gave me this juice recepi. 


    2 whole starfruit

    1/4  of a lemon

    2 whole green/red apple

    2 whole kiwi

   0.8-1 liter plain water

How to prepare:

1.Sliced the fruits
2. Put in a blender
3. Pour 0.8 - 1 liter plain water
4. Blend the fruits
5. Ready to drink 

This juice can help in reducing constipation, detox your body and hence reduce weight. Replace one of your meal with this juice everyday. If cannot, twice a week should be better too. =)
Owh, I forgot there is no blender in my house need to buy one first :-o

Happy trying!

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