Khamis, 20 Mei 2010

Because I am A Girl - Kiss

p/s: just found this music video with the English translation. The Korean lyric is slightly different from the english lyric.

I will always cry when I see this video clip

The guy's words on the final part of the song:
There is a girl I am in love with. I may not be able to be with her anymore. But I am still in love with her

Then I found the english version of this song

1) I just can't understand the ways
   Of all the men and their mistakes
   You give them all your heart
   And then they rip it all away

2) You told me how much yoe loved me
    And how our love was meant to be
   And I belive in you
   That you will set me free

3) You should've have just told me the truth
    That I wasn't the girl for you
    Still, I didn't have a clue
    So my heart depended on you.... whoaa

4) Although I'll say I hate you now
    Though I'll shout and curse you out
    I'll always have love for you
   Because I am a girl

5) Been told a man will leave you cold
    Get sick of you and bored
    I know that it's no lie
    I gave my all stil I just cry

6) Never again will i be fooled
    To give my all when nothing true
    I wont be played again
    But I will fall in love again

    Repeat 3 and 4

7) I loved you so
    Now you leave me in the cold
    How could this be
    I thought that you'd only love me

8) Into the night
    I will pray that you're alright
    You hurt me so
    I just can't let you go

9) You took advantage of my willingness
    To do anything for love
    Now I'm the only one in pain
    Will you please take it all away

10) Never thought born being a girl
     How I can love you and be burned
     and now i will build a wall
     To never get torn again

    Repeat 4

And I wonder how this lyric related to the video clip. Anyhow, I still enjoy this song very much (lagu melayan perasaan =) )

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