Isnin, 3 Mei 2010


I use to play this online game but somehow the game is down. I don't know why, maybe someone had hack this game. This game is very popular that time. They even have O2jam world championship for this game. 

In searching to play O2jam again(actually in hoping that the O2jam is relaunch), I came across this website. O2mania the offline version of O2jam!!!! yeay yeay yeay yeay!!!!! You can download the O2mania through that website. The song pack? click here. O2mania is not very fun compare to O2jam. Why? In O2jam we can compete with other O2jammer around the world. So we know which level are we compare to other O2jammer. Plus we have a character in there that we can dress up. 

Some of my favorite song: cannon, indentity part 2, brahms, fantazindy, kan kan, puberty, V3, fur elise, fly magpie. Actually i've all the O2jam song downloaded from imeem. 

Yeay wanna sharpen my skill again =))

p/s: i dont know why i can't embed youtube video here. so theres go so many link in this post =))

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