Isnin, 4 Oktober 2010

Bad Dream: End of World

There is a thing like a monster, like a robot.
The thing want to destroy the world. 
To kill all people in this world

No want knows that this will happen
Only me.
The one who knows what will happen 
The one who knows where is the safest place to hide

The journey to the place is long.
A lot of pit stop
A lot of things to do first
Before I can proceed to that safest place

Do you know where is that safest place located?
What it is look like?
No, its not a cave. its not in underground.
Its the highest modern condominium.
Located in Penang Island

Owh no, the thing is behind me. 
And yet I still not in the ferry
Faster!!!! Faster!!!!

Ahh.. I manage to get in the ferry
And behind me, the thing destroy everything

No one live in this condo
And the path to this great condo is trough the very old building

What happen next?
I think I manage to go up there.

Because I don't really remember what happen next

3 ulasan:

  1. chaiyok!!!! aku stay yg paling susah! huhuhu

  2. oitt...nak tau tak...cuakku mimpi pelik last week...mimpiku ke kampung dia...huhuhu...nk tau itu alamat psl ape?!!it was the reverse...kan tito kan?!!hehe...dia datang kampung aku laa...

  3. nad... aku tak paham stay ape?

    aliza... selalunya macamtula.. mimpi reverse


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