Sabtu, 9 Oktober 2010

That Big Temptation

This dream is weird.

There are two situation. But I really cannot remember the situation is.
Where there is one road lead to two choices (remember "the road not taken?")
This one road is full of temptation and you tend to go there
Where this road lead you to a really big house.

You come there because you are very pity to this not very old lady (40 years old perhaps?)
But once you come to the big house. You can't easily go away (ok this part I don't really remember, whether you are not allow to leave the house for the rest of your life or if you want to leave the house......)
There are very big temptation for you to take something in the house.
Even only its only 10 sen coin
Once you take something from the house and try to leave the house, there something bad will happen to you.

I know this place and I have been in that place several time
And I have feel the pain when trying to leave the house
But I keep coming back to that house
Because of that big temptation
For the sake to prove that everytime I go there
 I can run away from the house without any pain

I came there with my Saga
I came there with big motorbike several time.
When I came, I still go shopping outside
And come back to the house rushing putting all my stuff
And  get my vehicle and run away from the house

The funny thing is, my big motorbike have manual and auto function
At one time I use wrong function and motorbike running not smooth enough
I stop, and there is two young man persuade me for them to play my break a tune


What I get from the dream?
1. In life, you know that what you do is bad to you. But you still want to do it again and again because of its big temptation.

2. Itu je. BLURR sudah

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