Jumaat, 13 Julai 2012

Nature of Work - Geophysics and Geology

I admit it i'm slow. I admit it i'm last minute person. But hey! don't complicated it more. Time by time its become more complicated.. Time by time, its become more insane. 

Hey i'm not expert in this. So I seek help from the expert. But the expert make the work become more complex. But at the end of the work, they have to approve my work. So how I want to skip it? See below? Isn't it complex? BUT the expert don't agree with it? Headache, headache!

Hey what is this picture? Anybody who involved in oil and gas upstream, should know what is this. Its a seismic section. Showing earth reflectivity acquired by sending sound signal to the ground/earth. You know when the sound travel, it can be refract to the next layer or reflect back to the surface when the sound signal faced obstacle (i.e different type of lithology, fault ect). Now that is the concept behind this piece of seismic section. (Of course after we acquired it, a lot of auditing hence processing to be done to get this clean seismic section).

Enough of that. The point here is, memang saya bengong pun pak! Sampai bila-bila pun kerja takkan siap. That is what I reply when ask "Kamu kelihatan bengong saja." Yeah, I don't know how to convince people. Because my knowledge also ciput je. That is the consequence when you have to do a lot of work without strong foundation on that subject and without someone committed to guide me through. Hey, I happen to do petrophysics work, geology works, geophysics work, geomodeling work in the same time (That is not including management work). And how is that end up? Macam rojak, mix of everything. You have a little bit knowledge of that. You have a little bit knowledge of this. And the result? You are NOT EXPERT in anything. Zero!!! But ada je orang yang boleh buat semua benda tu dalam satu masa. The different is they do it from zero and I do it from jumping here and jumping there(i.e my work that time should be done by experience people/expert). Enough of that. See my first sentence in this entry? I admit it i'm slow.

Only now, this time I get the chance to focus on what I want to do. But still, time is the main enemy. Not enough time to absorb everything. Read again, I admit it i'm slow. First time i'm doing this, no committed guidance. They only care about their own KPI.

The point here is SAYA MERAJUK dengan keadaan ini!  

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's nature of the work world. Everywhere is the same. Every company have the same issue. Those yang tak mampu bertahan, boleh campak je keluar tingkap. Then start again.

to be continue....

p/s: Teringat artikel semalam bertajuk "Is Pxxxxxxx an ungrateful child of Malaysia?" di sini 

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